Atsushi Fukasawa, Yumi Takizawa



Circular Polarization Array Antenna with Orthogonal Arrangement and Parallel Feeding by Simplified Routing Wires

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This paper presents a wideband configuration of array antenna with orthogonal arrangement and parallel feeding by simplified routing wires for circular polarization. In conventional studies, the bandwidth of effective circular polarization and flat impedance was limited only as a few per cent of the central frequency. This paper presents first that a novel unit antenna is composed of feed, reactance, and ground elements to realize wideband and less spurious resonances. This paper presents secondly that the array is composed of four antennas arranged in orthogonal and fed in parallel with phase delays of 90 degrees for circular polarization. Based on computer simulation, it was first found that enough bandwidth is obtained for circular polarization. But it was also found that flat-impedance bandwidth is limited to compose a practical array antenna with multiple unit antennas.


Circular polarization, plane array antenna, orthogonal arrangement, smoothed routing wire, wideband characteristics


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