G. Sireesha



Indicies of Faintness for Ferrotoroidic Property of Grey Groups

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The basic faintness index of ferrotoroidic polarizability is the smallest of the faintness indices with respect to the individual components of the ferrotoridic polarizability tensors. In this paper the ferroic species and their indices of faintness for ferrotoroidic polarizability are determined by considering grey group as prototypic point group. When the prototypic point group is a grey group, the ferroic species are associated to the corresponding irreducible representations of the grey groups and their corresponding components with faintness indices are tabulated.


Ferrotoroidic property, Grey group, faintness indices, axialvector, polar vector


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G. Sireesha. (2023) Indicies of Faintness for Ferrotoroidic Property of Grey Groups. International Journal of Applied Physics, 8, 62-72


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