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A Theory About Universal State Change

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This paper describes an entropy equation that can be used for measuring energy. It originated from measuring economy in AI models, where the assumption would be that any organic system makes use of energy efficiency to form its structures. Looking at clustering and cohesion resulted in the equation E = (mean * variance). It was apparent however, that it was a very generic type of equation and it could be adjusted so that distance represents mean. This new version was applied to the domain of physics and the universe, when the equation can support the idea that work is done through the energy released by the 'change’ in entropy. A comparison with Einstein’s relativity equation is made and also the audacious suggestion that a black hole has only potential energy inside, which converts to kinetic energy after a Big Bang, for example. From that suggestion, a universal theory about state change can be made.


State Change, Entropy, Energy, Physics, Black Holes


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