P. S. Mallick, P. Uma Sathyakam



Strategies for Reducing Crosstalk in CNT Interconnects

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carbon nanotubes, interconnects, crosstalk, delay, VLSI, integrated circuits


This paper presents reduction of crosstalk in CNT bundle interconnects using different innovative strategies. First, we propose the use of semiconducting CNTs (s-CNTs) as electromagnetic interference (EMI) shields for CNT bundle interconnects. We compute the coupling capacitance of the proposed CNT bundle structure which shows that the crosstalk can be reduced significantly by using s-CNTs. Next, we propose a novel geometry for CNT bundles that can reduce the coupling between adjacent CNT bundle interconnects. The proposed geometry can make CNT interconnects perform 46% better in terms of crosstalk induced delay than traditionally proposed square CNT bundles.

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P. S. Mallick, P. Uma Sathyakam. (2017) Strategies for Reducing Crosstalk in CNT Interconnects. International Journal of Circuits and Electronics, 2, 11-16