Alicia Tinnirello, Eduardo Gago, Lucas D’ Alessandro, Paola Szekieta



Diagnosis of Rotor Failures Current Power Induction Motors by Spectral Analysis Methods

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MCSA, Induction Motors, LabVIEW, broken bars


Nowadays many tasks which a modern industry carry out, are performed by induction motors, becoming the core of most common industrial processes. The operators of induction motor drives are under continual pressure to reduce maintenance costs and present unscheduled downtimes which result in loss of production and financial income. Many operators now use online condition-based maintenance strategies in parallel with conventional planned maintenance. Motor current signature analysis (MCSA) is the online analysis of current to detect faults in a three-phase induction motor drive while it is still operational and in service. In industrialized countries between 40% and 50% of all energy produced is generated for consumption of these engines. As the market of these engines has grown and continuous and efficient monitoring has become indispensable, companies have to progressively invest on methods of preventive maintenance based on prediction of failures on operation programs. This type of maintenance, also known as condition-based maintenance (CBM) is an approach which changes the functioning condition and / or team performance when making decision as repairs or replacement. The goal of CBM is to minimize the total cost of inspections and repairs to collect and interpret data related to the operating condition of critical components of a computer continuously (online) or discontinuous (over time). This paper focuses only on fault detection by broken bars in squirrel cage induction motor and more specifically in the task of signal analysis and diagnosis, using LabVIEW software platform by a method which applies the Fourier Transform for spectral analysis of the feed stream. Since our interest is focused on signal analysis, rather than on the acquisition of technical data, the choice of LabVIEW as a deployment platform which facilitates the acquisition and signal conditioning, was intentional to carry out tests with signals stored provided by Massey Technical Service Laboratory. MCSA is presented as an excellent alternative online monitoring and non-invasive to diagnose many faults in induction motors becoming a tool to consider in predictive maintenance schemes. LabVIEW allows a user- friendly implementation and facilitates the collection, processing, storage of data, facilitating the generation of reports and statistics.

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Alicia Tinnirello, Eduardo Gago, Lucas D’ Alessandro, Paola Szekieta. (2016) Diagnosis of Rotor Failures Current Power Induction Motors by Spectral Analysis Methods. International Journal of Circuits and Electronics, 1, 191-198