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Tool HLCCAD for Blended Learning the Fundamentals of Digital Electronics

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The article discusses the practical experience of blended teaching students the fundamentals of digital electronics using the instrumental distance learning system DL.GSU.BY (DL) and tool HLCCAD specially designed for teaching the basics of digital electronics: design, modeling and analysis of functionally complex digital systems and its integration with DL, providing automatic verification of circuits developed by students. Both software developed at the Gomel F. Skoryna State University under the guidance of the author. DL provides students with access to theory and assignments for design and analysis, as well as sending solution files for both types of problems. HLCCAD provides students with visual design and debugging of digital device functional diagrams, as well as checking the correctness of the schemes sent by students for verification by their simulation on the set of tests specified by the author of the problem. HLCCAD also provides verification of assignments for the analysis of functional diagrams of digital devices by simulating tests sent by the student on the author's solution.


blended learning; fundamentals of digital electronics; distance learning instrumental system, high level chip computer aided design, DL.GSU.BY


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