Vanitha U., Aakaash V. S., Arvinth R. A., Ashwin T., Bhagavathidharshan B.



Telemetry of Coal Miners Using Smart Jacket

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Subsurface atmosphere in mines may be contaminated with poisonous gases that displace necessary oxygen for inflammable gases leading to explosion. Damp gasses lead to spontaneous combustion and result in collapse of mines. The hazardous gases, if present in an influential quantity say carbon monoxide (White damp) can even be lethal. From recent incidents in the mining sector, we can infer that hazardous conditions lead to life loss in mines. To reduce the risk of miners at greater cost, an innovative jacket which can incorporate a variety of gas sensors is designed. This proposed system with an efficient sensing and transmitting approach enables us to predict and prevent misfortune in the mining sector. For processing and transmitting data ESP32 is used. On variations in threshold values of various sensors, alerting the miners is done individually (Buzzer) as well as the monitoring authority. Effective supervision of mining is of great significance to enhance the safety of coal miners. Thus, our innovative smart jacket integrated with various sensors, alerting mechanism, communication network and monitoring system is developed to accentuate the risk reduction and safety of the miners.


Smart Jacket, wireless network, miner's safety monitoring


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Vanitha U., Aakaash V. S., Arvinth R. A., Ashwin T., Bhagavathidharshan B.. (2023) Telemetry of Coal Miners Using Smart Jacket. International Journal of Circuits and Electronics, 8, 21-26


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