Alexander Zemliak, Fernando Reyes, Eugene Machusky



Simulation and Optimization of High Power IMPATT Diodes

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Based on a numerical model that includes accurate electrical and thermal sub-models, the energy characteristics of double-drift silicon IMPATT diodes with a pulsed mode for 94 and 140 GHz are studied. The optimization of the internal structure of the diode with a traditional doping profile and a complex doping profile has been carried out. Semiconductor structures with a complex doping profile are analyzed to increase the power level and efficiency of the IMPATT diode with a maximum level of direct current density. The dependences of the power level, efficiency, and admittance characteristics were studied as functions of the supply current density for optimal and almost optimal structures. The analysis of the sensitivity of the output power to the accuracy of the technological parameters when changing the total length of the diode near the optimal value and when redistributing individual parts between high and low doping levels is carried out. Complex semiconductor structures can be recommended to increase runtime and reliability of high-power pulse diodes.


Semiconductor microwave devices, modeling and simulation, structure optimization


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Alexander Zemliak, Fernando Reyes, Eugene Machusky. (2020) Simulation and Optimization of High Power IMPATT Diodes. International Journal of Circuits and Electronics, 5, 12-18


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