Moussa Labbadi, Mohamed Cherkaoui



Robust Integral Terminal Sliding Mode Control for Quadrotor UAV with External Disturbances

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The purpose of this paper is to solve the problem of the controlling of a quadrotor exposed to external constant disturbances. The quadrotor system is partitioned into two parts: the attitude subsystem and the position subsystem. A new robust integral terminal sliding mode control law (RITSMC) is designed for the inner loop that insures the stability of this last and the quick tracking of the right desired values of the Euler angles. To estimate the disturbance displayed on the z-axis and to control the altitude position subsystem, an adaptive backstepping technique is proposed, while the horizontal position subsystem is controlled using the backstepping approach. The stability of each of the quadrotor subsystems is guaranteed by the Lyapunov theory. The effectiveness of the proposed methods is clearly comprehended through the obtained results of the various simulations effectuated on Matlab/Simulink, and a comparison with another technique is presented.


Quadrotor UAV, Integral terminal sliding mode control, adabtive laws, Newton-Euler


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Moussa Labbadi, Mohamed Cherkaoui. (2020) Robust Integral Terminal Sliding Mode Control for Quadrotor UAV with External Disturbances. International Journal of Circuits and Electronics, 5, 26-34


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