Vu Thai Giang, Vo Thanh Vinh, Nguyen The Vinh



Highly Efficient step-up Boost-Flyback Coupled Magnetic Integrated Converter for Photovoltaic Energy

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This paper presents a new high-efficiency-high-step-up based converter integrating two stype DCDC Boost and Flyback coupled magnetic converter with recovery stage dedicated to smart HVDC distributed architecture in renewable energy production systems. Appropriate duty cycle ratio assumes that the recovery stage work with parallel charge and discharge to achieve high step-up voltage gain. Besides, the voltage stress on the main switch is reduced with a passive clamp circuit and thus, low on-state resistance Rdson of the main switch can be adopted to reduce conduction losses. The circuit is simple to control. As a final point of this research, the simulation and the prototype investigational results are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of this proposed converter.


DC-DC converters, Boost converter, Flyback converter, High step-up voltage gain, Sustainable energy system


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