Arjun Nichal, Bhalchandra Godbole



Grayscale Image Authentication with Data Repair Capability

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Image Authentication technique has gained importance in now days. The digital revolution in Image Processing has made it possible to create manipulate and transmit digital images in a simple and fast manner. Therefore most of the important images such as military, Medical, Companies secret data must be protected against manipulation. So to protect originality and authenticity of multimedia images and important scanned documents various authentication methods are evolved. This paper proposes image authentication scheme with data repair capability by the use of portable network graphics (PNG) image with bitplane slicing method. Experimental results shows that for different attacks authentication system withstand and repair original data as it is. It also shows the effectiveness of the work


Authentication, Fragile Watermarking, Semi Fragile watermarking, Tamper Detection


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Arjun Nichal, Bhalchandra Godbole. (2021) Grayscale Image Authentication with Data Repair Capability. International Journal of Circuits and Electronics, 6, 48-54


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