Onur Ari, Ozlem Cosku, Adnan Kaya



Electronic Circuit Design For Ensuring Safety Of Business in Band Systems

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In our developing and changing world increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of factories, it is important to adapt to changes in technology. In parallel to technological changes, security measures are updated in accordance with age. For example, a large number of conveyor belts in factories often used to transport raw materials. Here, as a security measure, only a one band is used to stop along the steel wire. With this type of system used a mechanical protection is not possible to provide complete security. In this study, steel wire standing next to a belt conveyor system was removed and instead of mechanical system, scanning laser system was placed across the entire band system. Thus, the system automatically stops when accident occur, to work whole system again someone must pres the reset button or intervention will be required from the automation center. This work; both employees and employers, in terms of prevention is very important to material and moral losses.


Conveyor Band, Security Systems, Laser


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