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Design of Secure Image Cipher for Cryptographic Applications

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The main focus of our project is an image encryption based on substitution and permutation using Latin square and Latin cube image cipher for grayscale image and color image. The proposed methodology, Latin square image encryption mainly consists of Latin square whitening, Latin square S-box and Latin square P-box. Considering the privacy and confidentiality in the present era, securing certain stored data and the communication from theft and misuse has major concern. So a suitable methodology has been implemented for securing communicated and stored data by using a cryptographic techniques. Cryptography is the study of mathematical techniques which is related to the information security such as data integrity, confidentiality, and entity authentication and data origin authentication. The message will be in the form of plaintext image. The process of converting this plaintext image into unrecognizable is known as encryption. An encrypted message is known as ciphertext image. The process of getting back the Ciphertext is known as decryption. As security is a major concern in storing of images and communication. Image encryption has wide range of applications in internet communication, medical imaging, military affairs and many more


Decryption, Encryption, Latin Square Generator, Sequence Generator


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