P. Sampath Krishna Reddy, G. Jethin Reddy, V. Rohan, K. Vinay Kumar



Agribot - Multipurpose Agricultural Robot

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More than 60% of the workforce in India is directly or indirectly involved in agriculture. Interest in creating autonomous vehicles like robots in agriculture has risen in response to the present labour shortage. As a result, a robot called an agribot has been developed to assist farmers in their work, making it faster and easier. The goal of the suggested system is to build a Bluetooth-controlled, autonomous, multipurpose agricultural robotic vehicle capable of pumping water and planting seeds, among other tasks, in a variety of soil types. Minimizing the need for human intervention while maintaining high levels of productivity and resource efficiency is achieved via the employment of these autonomous vehicles.


Agriculture Robot vehicle, Bluetooth, ploughing, seeding, Solar panel


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P. Sampath Krishna Reddy, G. Jethin Reddy, V. Rohan, K. Vinay Kumar. (2023) Agribot - Multipurpose Agricultural Robot. International Journal of Circuits and Electronics, 8, 11-20


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