Sasireka S., Priyadarseni P., Sanchana Sri R., Sushma R., Swathi P



Secure Data Access Using ABE Process Model

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Despite the severe and great inherited profits of Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) in healthcare, its boom is being hindered with the aid of using privateers and protection challenges. Such problems require the utmost urgent interest to realize its complete scale and green usage. There is a want to stable Health Information geographically. To completely make use of the fitness services, it's far important to install vicinity the demanded protection practices for the prevention of protection breaches and vulnerabilities. Hence, this research is deliberated directly to offer requirement-orientated fitness statistics protection the use of the Modular Encryption Standard (MES) primarily established totally at the layered modeling of the safety measures. The overall performance evaluation shows that the proposed paintings excel, in comparison to different usually used algorithms towards the fitness information security on the MCC surroundings in phrases of higher overall performance and auxiliary qualitative protection ensuring measures.




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Sasireka S., Priyadarseni P., Sanchana Sri R., Sushma R., Swathi P. (2022) Secure Data Access Using ABE Process Model. International Journal of Computers, 7, 89-94


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