Jan Prochazka, Petr Novobilsky, Dana Prochazkova



Management of Security of Cyber Gateway

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The necessity to protect the critical infrastructure in way as the cyber-physical system (CPS) is growing with the development of communication and control technologies. The one of elementary approach of protection is to close critical elements to a protected area with secure access. This principle is used in both spaces, the physical and the cyber. Access to these protected areas is then through the gateways. Gateways shall be able identify and authenticate of persons or processes with authorized ac-cess and to prevent the access of unauthorized. The presence of many moving elements (for example, trains) is the specific problem of transport infra-structures, as railway is. The security of moving elements within the CPS must therefore be ensured against both physical and cyber intrusion. We will deal with the cyber gateway of the train at this article, which is called a mobile communication gateway (MCG). The MCG is associated with problems of the standard cyber gateway and the problems specific to the moving systems. It is impossible to secure communication between train and control centrum through a closed communication system only, it must take place through open space because of extensive infrastructure with assistance of ground communi-cation gateway (GCG). The MCG design shall ensure the security functions of the gateway as well as sufficient communication capacity. Our control over environmental conditions of MCG is limited because it is in open space, both physical and cyber, often in motion. The MCG therefore needs to be able to respond dynamically to environmental changes caused by deliberate attacks or unintentional changes in the system. The ability of the adaptability must be given to the MCG in design.


Cyber-Physical System, Multiple Independent Levels of Security, Mobile Communication Gateway, Railway, Security


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