Ismail Hakki Emiroglu, Ozlem Coskun



Investigation of Finite Element Methods in Electromagnetics

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With the advancement of technology, it has progressed to the same extent in engineering studies in parallel with it. It was seen that the analytical and experimental methods used in the past were insufficient, and new searches were made. These new pursuits are united under the main headings of speed and accuracy. Various methods have been tried with this merger. These methods are called numerical methods. Numerical methods are superior to other methods in terms of accuracy and processing time. These methods, which were applied manually in the early times, have changed with the development of electronic machines. Quick results were obtained from the designs made with various computer programs (Ansys HFSS, CST, Comsol etc.), making it easier to use in practice. In particular, the difficulty in processing electromagnetic problems has decreased, and the researchers have reached a solution easily under the specified conditions.


Engineering, Electromagnetics, Finite Element Methods


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