Vladimir Poliakov



Interaction Optimization in Multibody Dynamic System

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High-speed railway, bridge dynamics, safety of motion, track, ballast wearing


The paper describes the optimization facility of interaction within the “bridge-track-car” system that concerns high-speed railway traffic on the bridges zones. The singularity of the approach to be discussed lies in the attempt of integration of the system of elements that work simultaneously and together. The model that takes into account vertical oscillation of the car body, bogies, wheels, rails, and superstructure of the bridge. Several criteria allow the estimation of various parameters of dynamic interaction and reach the optimal dynamic parameters dealing with wheel-rail contact and derailment, comfort of passengers and ballast wearing. Therefore, we can obtain the system with predetermined dynamic behavior to decrease or to increase the interaction forces in defined places. It allows decreasing stress of ballast or increasing wheel-rail contact force to prevent derailment.

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Vladimir Poliakov. (2017) Interaction Optimization in Multibody Dynamic System. International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 2, 43-51