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Study the Electrical Power Quality by Controlling Voltage and Frequency, to Attenuate Voltage Perturbations

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This paper presents a model of an islanded mono-phase micro grid powered by renewable energy sources (RES) implemented at laboratory level. The aim of it is to study the electrical power quality by controlling voltage and frequency, to attenuate voltage perturbations (variations, drop-outs, sags, swells, flickers), waveform unbalances and harmonics, power failure and noises (high frequency noises, common mode noises, and spikes). The experimental laboratory model is based on a hybrid structure composed by a micro-hydro turbine (MHT), a wind turbine (WPP) and a photo-voltaic (PV) unit which deliver to consumer’s electrical energy of 230V ac in good conditions of system stability.


electrical power quality, hybrid micro grid, renewable energy sources


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