Mohamed Bouchahdane, Aissa Bouzid



Study of Different Faults and Disturbances in Algerian Power System

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Given that electrical energy is very difficult to store, a permanent balance between production and consumption is vital. Generators, loads and the electrical networks which connect them have mechanical and/or electrical inertias which complicate the maintaining of a balance guaranteeing relatively constant frequency and voltage. A severe fault may cause loss of synchronism of a small number of generators. And it may make many generators out of service resulting in wide area blackout. Through this study we have come to know the exact adjusting of all the protection equipment in a way so that the duration of fixing is always less than the limit value which causes the loss of the power plant and thus, the whole network. This Study discusses the electrical interconnection between the Maghreb countries” Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco” and Europe via the line “Morocco-Spain”. And that any deficiency in power of the Algerian network will be compensated directly from the Tunisian and Moroccan network this is the main benefit of this interconnection is the possibility to transfer excess power to the neighboring country.


Power system stability, electric generators, loss of synchronism, protection, short circuit


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