Christian Ruvalcaba, Ha Thu Le



Simulation of Smart Fault Location, Isolation, and Service Restoration Scheme with Load Balancing in Distribution Grid

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Fault location, isolation, and service restoration (FLISR) technologies have been recognized as advanced and effective tools to increase resiliency and reliability of power distribution networks. As FLISR technologies are evolving, improvement is required for them to reach their full potential. This study enhances an existing FLISR scheme designed to automatically detect and isolate faults on a feeder by adding a new load balancing algorithm. The new algorithm enables automatic routing of power to faulty feeder load while protecting healthy feeders from overloading. By automatic load balancing, the new algorithm creates a FLISR scheme that is significantly more effective than the existing. The enhanced FLISR scheme is simulated using MATLAB Simulink where its control algorithms are implemented using Stateflow. Simulation results show that the enhanced FLISR scheme with the load balancing is effective in locating and isolating faults, as well as in re-routing power to loads of faulty feeders. The improved FLISR scheme is able to operate effectively on different feeders with different loading levels. The study outcomes are helpful for researchers and system planners where they can use the Simulink FLISR system to analyze diverse scenarios or create new FLISR versions. Furthermore, the simulation system can be used as an education tool to visualize FLISR technologies to technicians and the public. Overall, the study contributes some insightful understanding of the FLISR technology that promotes its implementation in Smart Grid to reduce service interruption and ensure better power supply to customers.


Control algorithm, distribution automation, fault location isolation, load balancing, power distribution, service restoration, smart grid


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Christian Ruvalcaba, Ha Thu Le. (2023) Simulation of Smart Fault Location, Isolation, and Service Restoration Scheme with Load Balancing in Distribution Grid. International Journal of Power Systems, 8, 15-33


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