S. N. Dhurvey, V.K. Chandrakar



Performance Comparison of PI and Fuzzy Logic Based IPFC on Damping of Power System Oscillations

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This paper presents a new approach for determining the effective control signals for damping of oscillations by using fuzzy logic based Interline Power Flow Controller[IPFC]. The IPFC performance is tested with PI controllers in comparison with fuzzy logic based controller on Modified Phllips-Heffron Model of Single Machine Infinite Bus system to achieve improved damping performance by selecting effective control signals such as as Δmi1 is the deviation in pulse width modulation index mi1 of voltage series converter 1 in line 1, Δmi2 is the pulse width modulation index mi2 deviation of voltage series converter 2 in line 2, Δα1 is the deviation in phase angle of the injected voltage of convertor 1, Δ α2 is the injected voltage phase angle deviation of convertor 2. Investigations reveal that coordinated tuning of Interline Power Flow Controller with Fuzzy Logic controller provide the robust dynamic performance. The Fuzzy Logic Based Interline Power Flow Controller [IPFC] is designed with simple fuzzy rules to coordinate the additional damping signal. The proposed controllers for IPFC are able to achieve improved designed performance of the power system. Validity of effective control signals has been done by eigen value analysis.


FACTS, IPFC, FLC, Damping of oscillations.


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