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Optimized Simultaneous Planning of Storage Batteries and DFACTS Devices

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The planning of battery energy storage system and distributed flexible transmission system (DFACTS) devices in a distribution network with the objective to reduce losses and improve the static voltage stability is the issue at hand. The storage systems’ optimal location and size is determined by considering installation costs to reduce power losses. To minimize power losses in the network, the energy storage and DFACTS devices are coordinated for the first time, where the investment costs of these devices are of concern. In the available studies, only the issue of economic approach is of concern. In this study, in addition to the economic approach, the problem of improving the static voltage stability is of concern, where the multi-objective problem will be evaluated as well. The optimum utilization of the storage, by applying the fuzzy controller is presented in this study to reduce power losses in the distribution network. The problem is evaluated at different load levels and in the presence of distributed generation resources in the network. The two-objective optimization is implemented by applying the multi-objective particle swarm and non- dominated sorted genetic algorithm, and the results are compared.


power losses, storage batteries, voltage stability, multi-objective problem


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