Chrysogonus Ogomaka, Kingsley Udofia, Nseobong Okpura



Open Circuit Fault Detection For 11kV Distribution Network using ANFIS

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This research work made use of ANFIS to solve the problem of detecting open circuit fault in an 11kV distribution network. This work looked at improving the reliability and quality of power supply to by reducing the time it takes to detect, and clear open circuit fault in the network. The method adopted to solve the problem uses ANFIS to detect and determine the type of open circuit fault; to train the ANFIS system, Amaogugu 11kV distribution network is modelled on MATLAB/SIMULINK. Different types of open circuit fault conditions were initiated on the model network and simulate on MATLAB to generate fault condition data used to train ANFIS. ANFIS fault detector uses six inputs which are three phase voltages and their corresponding phase angles to detect and determine type of fault. Results show that when open circuit faults happens on one phase the voltage recorded at the primary terminals of substation transformers exhibit 50% voltage drop and 180˚ phase shift in phase angle for the affected phase; two phase open circuit fault caused the affected phases to bear the same voltage and phase angle as the healthy phase while during a three phase fault no voltage was read. The system accurately detected open circuit fault, determined the type of open circuit fault.


open, circuit, Voltage, phase, MATLAB/SIMULINK, ANFIS, detect, fault, transformer


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Chrysogonus Ogomaka, Kingsley Udofia, Nseobong Okpura. (2020) Open Circuit Fault Detection For 11kV Distribution Network using ANFIS. International Journal of Power Systems, 5, 23-30


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