Alexandra Khalyasmaa, Stanislav Eroshenko, Egor Maryshko, Alexandr Ovsiannikov



Gas-Insulated Metal-Clad Switchgears Express-Diagnostics Method on Partial Discharge Characteristics

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This paper describes a method for the express diagnostics of gas-insulated metal-clad switchgears (GIS) based on the characteristics of partial discharges. The research objects in this work were GIS of 110 kV and above. The subject of the research were methods of detecting partial discharges (PD) in GIS and highvoltage bushings of the air–SF6 type, interpreting the measured signals for selection from interference, locating the PD seat, determining the type of defect and assessing its danger for continued operation. The purpose of this work was to improve the diagnostic method for GIS in operation based on the PD characteristics. In the framework of this research, physical and mathematical modeling of the devices protecting the signal from external interference and measuring the PD characteristics in the laboratory and in operating conditions were carried out; digital methods of analysis and processing of PD signals were used.


gas-insulated switchgear, partial discharge, technical diagnostics, express diagnostics, SF6 gas.


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