S. M. Abdalla, T. Hussein Elmenfy



Design and Tuning a new Power System Stabilizer PART I

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This paper presents a new power system stabilizer used to damp local and inter-area modes of oscillation following small and large disturbances in power system. The proposed PSS belong to integral of accelerating power family. The bode plots and root locus are used to explore the process of tuning PSS parameters. The work arranged to three parts. The first part describe the proposed (PPSS), the power system model consists of a one-machine with slack bus system and IEEE ST1A static excitation system. The second part demonstrate the comparison between different types of power system stabilizers which used a three machine nine bus system with IEEE ST1A static excitation system, and three types of PSSs (Delta ? PSS, MB-PSS and Kundur Delta Pa PSS) are chosen to compared with the proposed technique.The third part belong to the simulation of the first part with special cases by PPSS controller.The simulation results shows that superiority of the proposed PSS over other conventional stabilizers used in the literature.


Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR;Excitation Systems; Power System Stabilizer PSS


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S. M. Abdalla, T. Hussein Elmenfy. (2021) Design and Tuning a new Power System Stabilizer PART I. International Journal of Power Systems, 6, 48-60


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