Barbora Kotková, Martin Hromada



Adverse Event in a Medical Facility - Blackout

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The article deals with an adverse event - blackout. Its history in the world and the Czech Republic, causes, consequences, and measures are addressed here. Nowadays, when most important sectors, companies, and households are completely dependent on the electricity grid, prevention, preparedness, and measures cannot be neglected. A hospital facility was chosen to illustrate the necessary measures, as healthcare is one of the most important sectors. Care for human health and life will always be at the forefront of protected interests. It describes the division of priorities within the hospital in terms of electricity supply in the normal state and the event of an adverse event, ie a blackout. Finally, the different types of backup resources used to back up these objects and systems are described.


blackout, electricity, generator, hospital, measure, prevention, security, threat


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Barbora Kotková, Martin Hromada. (2020) Adverse Event in a Medical Facility - Blackout. International Journal of Power Systems, 5, 72-80


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