Tariq Riouch, Aziz Derouich, Rachid El Bachtiri



Advanced Control Strategy of DFIG during Symmetrical Grid Fault

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This paper proposes a system using a Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES) for smoothen the fluctuation power of the wind turbine (WT) injected to electrical grid, and to enhance the behavior of a WT system during the fault. The Doubly Fed Induction generator (DFIG) has two main problems; first it is very sensitive to voltage variation because of the stator of DFIG is connected directly to the grid, second the abrupt variation of the wind velocity causes the fluctuations of the WT output power. In order to improve the behavior of the DFIG, to protect the power converter and to smooth the output power fluctuations of the DFIG under faults, an adequate control of SMES is proposed, The simulations are conducted using the proposed control strategy and the traditional control strategy based on MATLAB/Simulink, The results show the effectiveness of the proposed control.


Wind power generation, Doubly fed induction generator (DFIG), Superconducting magnet energy storage (SMES), voltage sag, Power fluctuation


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Tariq Riouch, Aziz Derouich, Rachid El Bachtiri. (2021) Advanced Control Strategy of DFIG during Symmetrical Grid Fault. International Journal of Power Systems, 6, 21-26


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