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The Fifth Generation of Cellular Communication

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When it was first implemented, the current fourth generation, 4G, mobile network opened a wide window of opportunities and uses for the mobile phone users. However, this network is gradually reaching its limits, and the need for a more capable network is becoming more apparent. Big events such as sports events, festivals and big concerts have created many problems and obstacles for telecommunications service providers around the world. The huge number of phones that compete to benefit from the services of telecom companies naturally lead to a collision and collision of cellular services such as text updates, Images, and social media, which leads to the non-lifting and loading only after the end of the event dispersion of the crowds. Fortunately, this will be resolved after the expected implementation of the fifth-generation, 5G, cellular communication networks. The 5G is expected to reach unprecedented levels of up to 10,000 Mbps, exceeding the 1000 Mbps limit for 4G networks. Combined with NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) solutions, the software-enhanced platform will improve operational flow and accelerate speeds to meet the needs of more than 7 billion Internet users with more than 60 billion devices.In this paper we will discuss the 5G network and show its advantages over the currently used 4G network. We show the benefits and the overwhelming possibilities and applications that will become feasible after its implementation, we will also discuss different type solutions and its methodology for enhancing the network performance like NFV, using new multiple access technology and increasing frequency band for having networks that can themselves improve the level of services they provide and enhance the amount of data traffic they can manage without having to raise their cost.


Cloud computing, Mobile wireless networks, Infrastructure, Virtualization, 4th and 5th Generation of Cellular Network


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