K. Thamizhmaran, Dr. A. Charles



Secured Hybrid Shortest Path based Algorithms for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

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Most of the researchers they focus and done the researches in the area of infrastructure less network wireless networks (ad hoc), because not able to communicate properly and efficiently due to ongoing days in the updating world to affect many natural and environmental issues. When use temporary networks improve efficient and also free to use communication in rural area and also short duration meeting conference, class, meeting etc. But this temporary network affect due to some challenge issues such as routing, energy, security, packet drop, packet loss, time delay, mobility and bandwidth etc. To impress of and value of this emerging society issues we focus and doing our work in this area so in this research manuscript we will implement and discussed in one type of cluster based temporary network called Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET). MANET is communicated through collections of active temporary nodes that self configured dynamic distributed network. In this report suggested cluster head based energy efficient model using shortest path (CHRN-SHSP) on-demand routing protocol they work secure and shortest path selection between the nodes via intermediate nodes with both obstacles and non obstacles environments specially designed to aware cluster head node energy issue compare to existing relay node protocol, tested various parameters using one of leading simulator called Network Simulation 2 (NS2).


MANET, Routing, Cluster Head, RNSR, Security, NS2


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