Satyajit Sahoo, K. Vinod Kiran, Vikram Kumar, Divya Yadav, Santos Kumar Das



Quality Analysis in Phase Modulated Radio over Fiber in WDM/DWDM Network

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There has been increasing demand for connection setup with a higher quality of service (QoS) in WDM/DWDM networks, especially in fields like radio over fibres, where phase modulation affects the link quality. Hence to meet guaranteed QoS in a phase modulated link, the effects of phase modulation on link quality is very much needed. The link quality is termed as quality factor (Q-factor). The primary objective is to use effectively the connections available to optimize the computed number of connections and reduce the blocked connections but at the same time guarantying QoS as per client’s need. The analysis has been done by taking care of routing and wavelength assignment (RWA) techniques. The performance analysis is presented in terms of blocking probability.


Phase modulation, Radio over fiber, Physical layer impairments, Blocking probability, Wavelength division multiplexing.


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