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Optimizing the Data Transmission Using Point to Multipoint Network in Radio Communication

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Minimizing the cost to transfer large data in radio communication by using point to multipoint network as Central Primary and Secondary stations, which is very useful in remote areas. It can be implemented as one primary station to many Secondary stations: It is the simplest solution, but active area of Primacy Station must cover whole area where the Secondary Stations are placed. The Secondary Stations can be simple because all of them can communicate at one frequency. The communication between Primary Station and the Control Unit will be simple as well and it can be either wired or wireless. To cover whole area it is necessary to transmit with relatively high power for both Primary Station and Secondary Station to enable low error rate. Also the transmission speed will be smaller due to greater distances. The other disadvantage of this solution is the danger that the Primary Station can be broken and therefore no possibility of the data delivery to any Secondary Station. Because of a single Primary Station, it is not necessary to have logical addressing for the Primary Station at the side of the network between the Central Unit and the Primary Station. The other advantage of this solution is simpler communication software in the Central Unit.


PS Primary Station, SS Secondary Station, CU Central Unit


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