Mohammed J. M.h. Alala, Khaldoun I. Khorzom, Wassim Y. Aljuneidi



Effects of Communication Channel on AODV performance within UAANETs

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Many Modern researches are interested in UAVs because of their importance in a wide range of applications. The most important aspect of these researches is routing protocols due to their significant effect in their performance. One of the most popular protocols used in this type of network is AODV, which belongs to reactive protocols family. The major problem with this routing protocol and others is that they do not take into account the state of the channel and they assume it is always AWGN. This paper demonstrates the channel model as an important factor which affects the overall network performance. The paper also shows the great difference in performance between the case of AWGN channel and a shadowed fading channel which exists in real channel. The simulation was done in Optimized Network Engineering Tool (OPNET) 14.5 modeler.


fading, path loss, shadowing, UAV network, geographic routing protocol, channel models, reactive routing.


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