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Study on the Polyhedral Triangular Tessellation of the Sphere

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In the last years the polyhedral triangular tessellation of the sphere was start from a regular polyhedron, especially from one with triangular faces. The frequently used tessellation method consists in the subdivision of the face of the regular polyhedron and the projection of the nodes of the resulting net on the sphere. This method is easy to be compute and that is why computer programmes have been develop from it. There are other tessellation methods, which are difficult to compute, but enable a better approximation of the sphere, or a higher aesthetic value. For these methods the authors worked out a library of tessellated faces of regular polyhedra with triangular faces. The methods have as base the subdivision of the plane polyhedral triangles or the subdivision of the projection of these triangles on the circumscribed sphere. The library contains 2 to 16-frequency tessellated icosahedral, octahedral and tetrahedral triangles. It also contains patterns to the spherical wrapping up of the polyhedral patch surface.


regular polihedra, sphere, tessellation, subdivision methods, wrapping up patterns, library.


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