Daniela Ghelase, Luiza Daschievici



Modeling of the Competitive Management Efficiency

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The dynamic changes and the overall progress of society are reflected at company level by many orders in number, small in volume, very diverse, obtained through frequent auctions with short- term response, which leaves no time for a relevant analysis of said orders. As a result, a long-term management is not appropriate. A sort of fluctuating (just like the market) on-line, fastly responsive, prompt and rapid, however, ephemeral management is called for. In this paper it is considered that a solution for this situation is competitive management. The conventional management is based on the minimum cost, while the competitive management is based on the market success of manufacturing product. The paper presents a numerical study of the competitive management efficiency by comparison to the conventional management.


Competitive management, manufacturing system, management efficiency, cutting process, econometric control, market-manufacturing system assembly.


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