T. A. Chrysoloras, N. C. Markatos



Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation of the Flow Around a Formula 1 Racing Car

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Automobile racing is an extremely popular sport worldwide, with its beginning dating back to the 19th century. Since that era, the evolution of this sector of activity has been continuous. As a result, the sport, as it is known nowadays, has very little to do with its early form. Automobile racing, apart from being a pleasant spectacle for the fans of the sport, also comprises a deeper and more essential role. It is a sector, in which automotive industries are in a constant battle, by trying novel technologies and examining the way these technologies affect the behavior of the vehicles on the track and their ability to offer them victories, against their rivals. These technologies mainly concern the technical specifications of the vehicles, such as the engine’s horsepower, the aerodynamic traits, or even the tires’ dimensions and the chassis characteristics. Although, according to popular opinion, the human factor has a prominent role in the success (or failure) in the particular sport, no one can deny the fact that the technological advances often have an equally – if not more – important role. In the present work, the effect of some geometrical characteristics of a Formula 1 vehicle on the drag force and on the down force, exerted on it – and, consequently, on the drag and lift coefficient values –, is studied. The geometrical characteristics studied here refer to the ride’s height and the wheels’ diameter and the study is conducted using various turbulence models of increasing complexity, which is actually its originality. Comparing the results obtained, the work concludes proposing what one expects to obtain using this approach and which turbulence model yields the best agreement with experimental data and, therefore, it is recommended for practical design.


aerodynamics; turbulence; drag coefficient; lift coefficient; PHOENICS


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T. A. Chrysoloras, N. C. Markatos. (2022) Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation of the Flow Around a Formula 1 Racing Car. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 7, 35-56


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