Daschievici Luiza, Ghelase Daniela



Comparison Between the Evolution of the Wear Rate and the Temperature in the Cutting Area

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For the complete study from a tribological point of view of the cutting process, very important is the heating phenomenon of each element participating in the process (chip, tool blade, workpiece), their temperature being in fact the factor with the greatest influences on the behavior of the chip – tool blade tribosystem. It was necessary to develop a physical model of the phenomenon in order to perform the researches; in fact, the phenomenon is a conventional image of the real status, representing the basics of mathematical modeling. Experimental research on tool blade temperature and wear intensity of cutting tool has established similarities between the evolutions of the two phenomena. Therefore, by modelling the evolution of the thermal phenomenon can be determined the evolution of the wear intensity by applying a proportionality constant, constant that can be determined experimentally and which remains the same for the same couple: the chip-cutting tool blade. Between a size characteristic of tool tool wear, respectively the intensity of wear and the temperature in the cutting area, a dependency relationship was established which, with rather small deviations, is a dependency of direct proportionality; thus, from the measurement of the temperature in a tribosystem it is possible to evaluate, at least at cutting, the wear intensity of cutting tool.


the wear intensity of cutting tool; cutting process; wear intensity


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