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Time Tensors

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Time Tensors functions have been used to describe the flows of time. The magnitude of the value of time tensor function means the temporal coordinates in a flow of time. We also use a function to describe the motion of particles in quantum mechanics but it has different meanings. The function is called time tensor function. Time tensor imposes space and time measurements and space and time probing. Although using optimised space and time probe fields will allow to deep probing in a position and time measurement beyond the space and time measurements of the probe field stil result in a time tensor. Fluctuation and dissipation relations in time tensor characterise the mechanical effects of time fluctuations, which lead to an ultimate temporal effects on space and time. For time tensors,the temporal effects on space and time are dominated by fluctuations and dissipations fluctuations and take temporal form deduced from fluctuations of space and time curvatures in temporal space. They can be considered as ultimate space and time fluctuations, fixing ultimate space and time measurements in time tensors.


Time Tensor,Time Tensor Fields


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