Evelina Prozorova



Some Questions of Computational Models in Continuum Mechanics

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The aim of the work is to study some issues of establishing the generality of experimental and numerical methods, the possibilities of describing a continuous medium using discrete representations of computational mathematics, the influence of the choice of basis functions on calculation errors. The previously proposed model of continuum mechanics is discussed, including the general action of forces and distributed moments of forces, as well as the role of boundary conditions in Hamiltonian mechanics, especially in frequently used computational solutions to problems in mechanics. The Runge-Kutta difference scheme for a system of partial differential equations is analyzed. Examples are given.


angular momentum, conservation laws, no symmetrical stress tensor, open systems, Runge-Kutta method, open system


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Evelina Prozorova. (2024) Some Questions of Computational Models in Continuum Mechanics. International Journal of Mathematical and Computational Methods, 9, 1-9


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