S.Balaji Venkatraman, C.R.Balamurugan



Remedial Measures for the Impact of Deviation in Natural Resources

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The GLOBE with all colors of Peace and happiness has the right place of living. All creatures in the world is having equal chances of living. HUMAN has the dominance of all. Making one’s human life easier has become the prime motto. Towards creating an easier life, Humans make environment polluted neither concentrating on other bio-diversities nor on the ambiance. Having a better life is more important than having easier life. This module has scrapped for making aware to humans about their living. Among the various natural resources tree and water are chosen for the analysis. Main theme of the module is towards TREES and POLLUTION. This module has taken Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India as the study area. The Population of a specific region is selected also Population count of trees in the same selected region is taken. The demand of oxygen in atmosphere in future is calculated by comparing the intake of oxygen by human and exhale of oxygen by trees. The comparisons are done by taking the rate of increase in population and rate of decrease in trees. This module also concentrates on the water wasted in an area than the water must be consumed. The comparisons are made with the water consumed by a normal human and with the strategy (by WHO) of water consumed by normal human. This module also concentrates in the pollution made in the environment. The pollution particles present in normal clean pure air is taken as base condition. This base condition is frequently checked for deviation in the environment and analyzed. All these deviations are plotted as graph and provided in a website as cumulative results. Hoping a change, the results are manipulated for HUMANS.



Trees count; Oxygen monitor; Pollution analysis; Water wastage; Website projection.



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