Felix Sadyrbaev, Valentin Sengileyev



Remarks on Inhibition

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In networks, which arise in multiple applications, the inhibitory connection between elements occur. These networks appear in genetic regulation, neuronal interactions, telecommunication designs, electronic devices. Mathematical modelling of such networks is an efficient tool for their studying. We consider the specific mathematical model, which uses systems of ordinary differential equations of a special form. The solution vector X(t) describes the current state of a network. Future states are dependent on the structure of the phase space and emerging attractive sets. Attractors, their properties and locations depend on the parameters in a system. Some of these parameters are adjustable. The important problem of managing and control over the system, is considered also


field theory, dimension, tensor, spinor, torsion, twistor, physics, biology, social science.


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Felix Sadyrbaev, Valentin Sengileyev. (2022) Remarks on Inhibition. International Journal of Mathematical and Computational Methods, 7, 11-17


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