Manogna M, Amarendra Reddy B, Padma Kottala



Input-Output Pairing Selection of Three-Input Integrated Dc-Dc Converter Based on Gramian Analysis

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Because of its integrated structure and the presence of common parts, the Three-Input Integrated Dc-Dc (TIID) Converter creates interactions between its three regulated output variables, making control challenging. Therefore, it is essential to quantify the interactions in advance to comprehend the converter's behavior and create the controller for an integrated three-input dc-dc converter. This quantification aids in solving the integrated converter's pairing issue. Both frequency-based and dc gain-based interaction measurements are used to quantify the interactions of integrated dc-dc converters. This work investigates frequency-based (Gramian) interactions and their computational process, whereby the input-output pairing is determined. These include the -norm ( ) Interaction Array, Hankel Interaction Index Array ( ) and Participation Matrix ( ). The effects of altering the TIID converter's parameters and operating conditions on these interactions are analyzed and depicted graphically. A 400 W TIID converter operating at 24V, 30V, 36V and48V is considered in order to measure these interactions.


Multi-input converter, Integrated dc-dc converter, Three-input integrated dc-dc converter, interaction measures, Gramian Interaction Measures, Hankel Interaction Index Array, Participation Matrix, -norm Interaction Array


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Manogna M, Amarendra Reddy B, Padma Kottala. (2023) Input-Output Pairing Selection of Three-Input Integrated Dc-Dc Converter Based on Gramian Analysis. International Journal of Mathematical and Computational Methods, 8, 54-65


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