Oleg Milder, Dmitry Tarasov



Discrete Approach in Gradation Surfaces Computation

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Gradation surfaces as a new empirical color management system offer vast opportunities for practitioners in printing industry. This simple and obvious approach helps to improve color synthesis for a particular printing system. However, mathematical apparatus of differential geometry that is used in the approach may consider intricate. Moreover, experiments show difficulties in calculations of gradation surfaces. This require a simplification of the method. We offer a new discrete method of calculation for such an approach. The method show satisfactory accuracy and wide prospects of further applications. All geometric objects are considered in the CIE Lab space where the space’s metric is determined by the magnitude of the color difference CIE dE


Color managmenet system, color prediction model, color managment, empirical surface color prediction


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Oleg Milder, Dmitry Tarasov. (2019) Discrete Approach in Gradation Surfaces Computation. International Journal of Mathematical and Computational Methods, 4, 67-71


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