Maha Sabri Altememe



E-voting within the E-government System

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With a rapid growth in computer networks, many people can access the network through the Internet and therefore an electronic voting can be a viable alternative for conducting an election, the voting system is part E-government. Electronic voting system must attempt to achieve at least the same level of security as ordinary elections, E-voting for a general election. E-Voting system employs cryptographic techniques to overcome the security issues in the election process. This system allows people to participate in decision making and its gives an overview of the strategy and technical side of the proposed e-voting system. Moreover, this paper shows growth of the Internet and online voting appears to be a logical alternative to traditional elections. Much attention has been paid to the administrative part of an electronic voting system that supports the actors of the system in e-government. We believe that e-voting in e-government can reduce human error in voting process by providing easy-to-use user interface.


Electronic Voting, Applications of E-Government, ADDIE Model


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