Magdi Amer, Ahood Alqhtani



IoT Applications in Smart Hotels

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With the rapid development of the Internet of Things (IoT), new applications and research related to IoT are booming. Smart homes, smart cities, smart agriculture and smart world are becoming a reality with an increasing number of services and new devices being available every day. The hotel industry has realized the potential impact of the IoT research, with many hotel chains conducting research in IoT to implement their proprietary solutions. The application of IoT in the hotel industry focuses on providing the guests with personalized services to improve the guest's experience. One of the major challenges that faces IoT applications in the hotel industry is the respect of the guest's privacy. In fact, guests are not willing to provide the hotels with information to customize IoT applications that could potentially expose private information of the guest's habits and relationships with other guests. This paper describes a new IoT architecture that uses intelligent agents and fuzzy rules to customize the IoT services without exposing the private information of the guest. This IoT architecture provides an inexpensive mean to implement IoT in the hotel industry to build advanced services, thus improving the guest’s satisfaction and retention rates.


Internet of Things, Smart Hotel, Fuzzy logic, Multi-Agents, AI


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