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Cybersecurity from the User's Perspective

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With the goal of raising general cybersecurity, we investigated the user’s perception of cyberspace and used measures to protect information assets and threats. Using the descriptive method, the analysis of questionnaire data and the synthesis of findings, we present a view of the cybersecurity of users in Slovenia. Knowing the perception of the cyberspace and awareness of its usefulness and the perceived threats, we present guidelines for ensuring the safety of users who connect from the local environment to the global cyberspace. The research is partially limited and can only be partially generalized to the entire population. With in-depth further research, we want to collect data that can be generalized. The presented results are the upgrade of the state of affairs in the field of Slovenia, and at the same time they open the possibility of preparing appropriate measures for improving current status of user’s cybersecurity.


yberspace, security, user, privacy, cybercrime, awareness, protection


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