Daschievici Luiza, Ghelase Daniela



Manufacturing System Integrated Control

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In this paper, we propose a method to control the entire production process, starting with customer enquiry up to product delivery, for the MTO (make-to-order) manufacturing system. In practice, decisions on acceptance of order and production planning are often considered separately. The sales Department is responsible for accepting orders, while the production department is in charge of production planning for implementation of orders accepted. Acceptance decisions are often made without involving the control of the production department or incomplete information on the basis of available production capacity. Method for integrated control of the job shop type manufacturing system proposed in this paper aims to facilitate the connection between the two departments and to achieve integrated control of the job shop type manufacturing system on the basis of Earning Power (EP) evaluation. It gives a more accurate picture of a firm's profitability than gross income.


earning power, manufacturing system control, order acceptance, MTO manufacturing system, process monitoring and control


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