Shimaa M. Ali, Amr N. Mohamed, Nourhan El Sohafi



Towards A Sustainable Waterfront Development ”Case Study of Port Said City”

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Waterfront areas are one of the most challenging urban spaces that give a great opportunity for the urban development not only for the waterfront context but also for the whole city. Communities around the water bodies are full of features, which support to adapt the economic and social conditions. Also they become unique places not only for trade, transport, and industry but also as recreational, and entertainment places. Intervention in the existing waterfront is very critical procedures, which needs a sensitive strategy to regenerate the waterfront of a city. Although the international attention to the phenomenon of waterfront development, and also the local attention of developing Alexandria, the North Coast, and Al-Alamen new city, it has not getting the same attention to some other water neglected areas on the Mediterranean. The study selected the case study of Port Said – Egypt. Although, Port Said city is one of the most important Afro-Asian coastal cities, with strategic location, and unique architectural heritage, and particular landscape, and a lot of potentials that qualifies it to be global waterfront, but it has not getting the appropriate attention for real strategic vision for development, only through some individual local attempts, and case by case project carried out by the decision maker far from the planners, the community participation, and public interest as well. So, the study aims to document and evaluate the recent development projects in the promenade waterfront in Port Said city in El Shark district, and set a proposed framework based on comprehensive strategy that can be achieved by guidelines to improve the waterfront development vision and shedding light on some potential spots for future development, that through using different methodologies: descriptive, analytical, inductive, applied, and deductive methodologies.


Port Said, Sustainability, waterfront, evaluation, comprehensive framework, promenades


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Shimaa M. Ali, Amr N. Mohamed, Nourhan El Sohafi. (2020) Towards A Sustainable Waterfront Development ”Case Study of Port Said City”. International Journal of Environmental Science, 5, 104-115


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