Lydia Bondareva



The Spread of Tritium in the Ecosystem of the Yenisei River

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The potential sources of tritium in the Yenisei river ecosystem are the global environment pollution and the operation of the Mining and Chemical Combine (MCC), Rosatom State Corporation. The background tritium content of zoobenthos, bottom sediments, some commercial fish species, and the most widely spread aquatic plant species was determined for the first time. The MCC operation affected the tritium content in the nearest impact zone, and significant excess of the tritium content in aquatic plants over the background level was revealed.


tritium, Yenisei River, accumulation, transformation, freshwater ecosystem


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Lydia Bondareva. (2020) The Spread of Tritium in the Ecosystem of the Yenisei River. International Journal of Environmental Science, 5, 259-263


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