Carlos Evelio López Ceballos, Alfredo Vargas



Sustainable Colombia, Latin American SMEs

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The following article presents the results of the research "Study of the Sustainability Practices of the SMEs of the Municipality of Bugalagrande, Facing the Challenges of Sustainable Development", which seeks to understand the coherence between the objectives of the report of the United Nations and the commitment that the entrepreneurs of the sector present in sustainable matters for the conservation of the planet, referring to its three elements that make up the concept of sustainability. The report contemplates sustainable development from a sustainable, social and political reference, and environment. To this end, the UN objectives that the companies put into practice in the development of their corporate purpose were analyzed, obtaining satisfactory results for their authors. Results that were perceived through surveys made to entrepreneurs under the methodology of mixed descriptive research which helped to understand the situation in sustainable and sustainable matters in the companies of the municipality of Bugalagrande.


Environmental, Company, Political, Social, Sustainability and Sustainability


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